Medical Conditions- Asthma

Medical Conditions- Asthma
Posted on 08/30/2023

To promote the safety and well-being of students with prevalent medical conditions – Asthma, parents and/or guardians are encouraged to confirm annually to the Principal or Principal's designate the student's medical status by completing and submitting appropriate forms.


These forms are attached to this email, available in the Main Office and are posted on the school website. 


If your son/daughter has this medical condition please down load the forms, fill them out and have your son/daughter return the sign forms to the main office.

Authorization for Administration of Medication for Asthma Parent Form Annual Completion .pdf

Individual Asthma Plan of Care.pdf

Physician Authorization for Asthma Management - use only when condition is new or interventions have changed.pdf

If your son/daughter takes the school bus and has a medical condition please fill the form below out and email to transportation.

School Bus Transportation Emergency Action Plan Template.pdf

Please feel free to forward any questions and/or concerns to the school administrative team. 


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


STM Admin Team