Cyber Awareness Month

Cyber Awareness Month
Posted on 10/09/2023
October is Cyber Awareness Month in Ontario. ECNO (Educational Computing Network of Ontario), in partnership with Ontario School Boards and the Ministry of Education, is celebrating K-12 Cyber Awareness Month, developed to help inform students, teachers, families and communities about the risks of using technology and the internet by promoting best practices in cyber safety, cyber security, and online privacy.

This year’s theme – “Together we rise: Cyberheroes unite for online safety!” – is designed to empower and foster a generation of cyberheroes who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves and others in cyberspace. Each week will focus on different safe practices, such as creating strong passwords, identifying phishing attempts, and safeguarding personal information.

Together, let’s rise to the challenge, creating a safer digital society, one cyberhero at a time.

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Week 1: Cyber Essentials
Week 2: The Future is Here/Near
Week 3: Navigating Connected Worlds
Week 4: My Digital Life and Wellbeing