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December 2014 - Osayi Iginuan

Athlete of the Month - St. Thomas More CSS
If you had a chance to watch the 2014 HWCDSB Football Champion St.Thomas More Knights play this season, one number will stand out above the others. Number 30. That number belongs to Osayi Iginuan who led the Knights to their 5th championship in the past 10 years! Iginuan contributed on both sides of the football standing out as a linebacker and defensive end on defense and dominating as running back on offense. Iginuan carried the Knights on his back on multiple occasions averaging between 15-20 carries a game and 5-7 yards per carry. Although the endurance of Iginuan is impressive and incredible to watch, his aggressive running style, huge hits and sheer dominance over his opponents is what makes him that much more unique. Watching opponents trying to drag him down from behind or get bulldozed over if they stand in his way truly create an awe-inspiring when you watch him play. Iginuan’s athletic ability does not end on the football field, as in the same week his football season ended his basketball season began. Iginuan is a key member of the Knights 2014 basketball team as a starter and in the Knights regular rotation. On the basketball floor his stalky frame can be deceiving as he is a good ball handler and is very quick on his feet. Opponents fear taking on a screen from Iginuan as they are likely to end up on the floor if they hit him. Osayi will be continuing his academic and athletic career as a ‘blue chip’ recruit at the University of Laurier.

Photo by Gerry Graham
Photo by Gerry Graham