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Marisa Pileggi - September 2015

Athlete of the Month - St. Thomas More CSS

As a veteran Marisa brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and confidence to the team by being an exemplary role model to former players as well as new players.

Her commitment to the team and the game of field hockey is demonstrated through her attendance at every practice and her excellent effort during games. Her speed and consistent stick handling skills and ball movement has helped her to be at the top of her game and has in turn contributed to the success and cohesiveness of the team as a whole.

Marisa is an exemplary athlete who is always willing to lend a helping hand to the coaching staff by leading practices, picking up equipment and putting it away and by always having a positive attitude. When not on the field she is on the sidelines cheering on her teammates, motivating them and always giving them positive feedback.

Marisa is a respectful young lady who truly is a pleasure to coach. Her dedication to the team and sport of field hockey she has earned her this outstanding honour. Well done, Marisa!

Marisa Pileggi
Marisa Pileggi